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L.M.T Sharpshooter™ Rifle Weapon System .308 win (USED)

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MWS .308 Upper Receiver With 16" SST (Blackened) 1:11.25" Twist .308 Tactically Flat Matte Blackened Barrel.
Standard Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier Group.
Tactical Charging Handle Assembly.
SureFire Flash Hider.
LM308MWS™ Defender Lower With Sopmod Buttstock.
Two Stage Trigger Group.
Ambi Selector, and Ambi Mag Release.
Ergo Grip designed for LMT®.
Ships with a Sling, Operators Manual.
Flip up Front and Rear Sight.
(8) Twenty Round Magazines.
(2) Heavy Duty Push Button Swivels.
.308 Otis Cleaning Kit.
Sliding Sling Mount.
Chamber Cleaning Rod
Sight Adjustment Tool
Harris Bipod Assembly.
Torque Wrench / Driver and (3) Rail Panels.
System is Packaged in a Pelican Case, with foam cut outs for all the parts and All Furniture is FDE (Flat Dark Earth).

This is the commercial version of the British Forces L129A1 Sharpshooter/Sniper rifle.
The L129A1 Sharpshooter / Sniper rifle was born fromthe urgent requirements that came from the British forces deployed toAfghanistan. This requirement was based on the tactics employed bytheir opponents, who prefer to fire at convoys and foot patrols fromstand-off ranges (usually 500 meters or more), using 7,62mm rifles andmachine guns. The standard issue 5,56mm weapons (L85A2 rifle, L86A2 LSW, FN Minimi LMG), whichare used by British troops, are mostly ineffective at these ranges,,and a call was made for a semi-automatic rifle, chambered for 7,62x51NATO ammunition, which is capable to engage individual targets atranges of up to 800 meters. These rifles are intended for use on thesquad and platoon levels, to support small units operating 'on foot'and away from fire support bases and armored vehicles. Basically, it'sthe same concept which during the last 50 years was employed by Soviet and is still employed byRussian army, which issues 7,62x54R SVD marksmen / sharpshooter riflesto every infantry squad.
The new weapon, which is now officially issued to British troops asL129A1 Sharpshooter rifle, was selected through competitive trials,which included four 7,62mm semi-automatic weapons – HK 417 from Germany, FN SCAR-H Mk.17 from Belgium, Sabre Defense XR-10 from US/UK and LMT LW308MWS (also known as LM7) from USA. The latter weapon, built in USA by Lewis Machine & Tool Co and distributed in UK by LEI Ltd, won the competition. Initial order was for some 440 rifles, and many of these weapons are already in use by British army in Afghanistan.

This also comes with a 2nd CQB barrel.

Please ask if you would like to see more pictures of this firearm.

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